My name is Yawen Guan, I am an Assistant Professor in the Department of Statistics at University of Nebraska - Lincoln. Prior to joining UNL, I spent two years at SAMSI/NC State University as a postdoctoral fellow developing spatiotemporal methods for air quality, and emulation-calibration methods for the Artic sea ice.

I received my Ph.D. in statistics from the Pennsylvania State University in 2017 mentored by Dr. Murali Haran. During my graduate studies, I was fortunate to work with top scientists in the study of the Antarctic Ice Sheet. I was intrigued by the ice sheet physics and developed a statistical method to combine physics and multiple data sets to study ice streams on West Antarctica.

My research interests are

  • Spatial and spatiotemporal statistics
  • Computer model emulation and calibration
  • Bayesian hierarchical modeling
  • Cmputational methods for large data
  • Climate and environmental applications


  • Email:
  • Office Address: 343C Hardin Hall, Lincoln, NE 68583